Welcome to the Emma Griffin Art Blog

3rd April 2024 @ 3:16pm

Pet portrait

Just handed this pet portrait over to one very happy owner today, Loved creating this one of a kind original drawing and all I need was a selection of photos to work from and the customer picked the size of the art work. Animals remain to be my favourite subject matter for my art.

7th September 2023 @ 5:54am

Super excited that the cards I designed for the dougie mac are going to be arriving in the shops soon ready for christmas. I had the pleasure of designing 5 cards for them, This was a project I had immence fun doing and i cant wait to see what the finished cards will look like and hope they prove

18th August 2023 @ 7:12am

Back in my Art room

Happy Artist back in my creative space, even the rainy weather isnt going to get me down today, have a head brimming with ideas and not enough hours in the day to do everything, so plan to cram as much creative energy into today as I physically are able. Lots of exciting things ahead and new

23rd June 2022 @ 11:10am

Welcome to Emma Griffin Art

Welcome to Emma Griffin Art, the home of unique paintings by Emma Griffin. Hello world out there, alot has happened these past few years! It takes awhile for me to fully take in all the exciting and unexpected changes that have occured in my life. This website has been a dream of mine for quite