About Emma Grffin Art


About Emma Grffin Art

My name is Emma and as soon as I could hold a pencil I was drawing; animals being my preferred subject matter. It has been a life long dream to make art my career.

I graduated from Wrexham University in 2000 with a degree in art and illustration and started receiving private commissions for cards, pet portraits and custom tattoo designs but having to work full time left me little opportunity to get further.

Jumping into 2022; a little late to the game but very passionate about making my dream a reality, dropping to part time work and with a very supportive partner, my website has been born.

I love nature and have a great passion for drawing animals. I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Namibia recently re-firing my imagination for new art work which is currently in progress.

My happy place is being surrounded by nature with pencil in hand and drinking a good coffee.